keep in mind

It’s important to keep in mind that being part of a group for some countries only encourages superficial connections and excludes others who, for example, want to immerse themselves in their culture or simply rest without worrying about not being able to interact with other people because they look different.

Solo travel

Solo travel, on the other hand, allows you to make your own connections and form meaningful relationships with people, without having to worry about obligations, learn a new skill or explore a new place in a different light.


If you're someone who can be easily intimidated by travelling to foreign places, it's simply because you're not used to being alone. But solo travelling is actually more enjoyable than being in a group.


You might find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, but you'll surely learn how to handle it and enjoy your trip. Not only does it help open your mind, but it also helps maintain good relationships among the members of the group.

group encourages

On the other hand, travelling in a group encourages you to do things that you may not have done otherwise. You'll be more open to experiencing new things and won't be afraid of trying something out of your comfort zone.


Whether you’re travelling alone or with a group, the experience is ultimately up to you to decide. Solo travellers should embrace their experiences, while those who are travelling with friends should use the opportunity to explore themselves and their relationships with others. The main takeaway is that sharing your experience as an individual or within a group has more value than simply staying at home.

sharing experience


Water Palace Taman Ujung in Bali Island Indonesia - travel and architecture background.


If you’re travelling in a group, you’ll find yourself less afraid to go out and meet new people and explore the place as a result. The first thing you have to do is decide on the activities that each person most wants to do

Woman tourist on the background of Nha Trang city. Travel to Vietnam Concept.


The key is coming up with an itinerary that works for everyone and making sure the group stays connected the entire time. Group travel is continuing to grow in popularity, but it has its challenges. 

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Sometimes you may want to attend a conference and need to travel with your team; other times, you may just want to go on a family vacation and are trying to plan a trip that caters for everyones needs.

Beach Holiday

If someone wants a beach holiday, then you need to find the best beach resort. If the family is looking for adventure, then you need to find the places that offer hiking and bungee jumping. As a group, you need to figure out what everyone wants it order for your trip to be successful. If this is your first group travel experience, then here are some tips: If one person is a night owl and always wants to be out and about, but the other people in the group are early-to-bed types, then there will likely be some problems. 

Make sure you all have compatible travel styles.